Two-face appears in batman film where his scarred side has purple hair, a scarred eye, near-exposed skull, and dripping skin. Also noteworthy is a 1968 story where batman himself is temporarily turned into two-face via a potion. The episode judgement day reveals that harvey dent s psyche fragments again in the form of the judge (voiced by malachi throne), a court-themed vigilante who apprehends criminals by using extreme measures vampire knight dating simulation . Desperate, he secretly begins working with the supervillain anarky to bring batman down, and they later hire the mercenary deathstroke to kill the dark knight. [20] blaming batman for his return, two-face immediately goes on a rampage, threatening to destroy the gotham zoo (having retained two of every animal—including two humans) before escaping to fight batman another day. The altercation causes a massive explosion, in which dent s face is scarred. Harvey s facial damage doesn t drive him insane, as the batgirls remind him that since he got it from risking his life to save them, it shows that he s more whole than two-faced. The gordons survive the attempt on their lives, but dent, trapped by attorney client confidentiality, is unable to dissuade the mckillens from continuing their lethal vendetta vampire knight dating simulation . In the end, batman takes two-face back to gotham. Charlatan is defeated by batman and incarcerated at arkham asylum. In the no man s land storyline, in which gotham is devastated by an earthquake, two-face claims a portion of the ruined city, takes up residence in gotham city hall, and forms a temporary alliance with gordon to share certain territory. Sloane recovers some of his own personality, but continues to commit crimes as two-face. Two-face appears in batman unlimited: mechs vs. When two-face has batman at his mercy, tim dons the robin suit to save batman. Al continuar navegando aceptas nuestra política de cookies. This section details various members of harvey dent s family across various interpretations of the batman mythos. Two-face kidnaps gordon and puts him on trial for his activities after gotham city is declared a no man s land , with two-face as both judge and prosecutor for gordon s illegal alliance with him; but gordon plays upon two-face s split psyche to demand harvey dent as his defense attorney. Batman saves dent just as the building explodes, but the ensuing blast scars the left half of dent s face, and rachel is killed in the other explosion, leaving dent embittered. And has the mckillen sisters prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison. Stray gunfire results in an electrical fire explosion that scars the left side of dent s body. After the twins reach adulthood, harvey becomes gotham city s district attorney, and jessica as the president of the city s board of supervisors.

Two-face has also proven to be a genius in criminal planning, and has constantly demonstrated a high-level of intelligence in plotting heists as a brilliant and respected mastermind in the criminal underworld. Batman takes care of two-face, but harvey thanks him with a surprise attack by his men. On the cover of justice league of america vol. Falcone hires the corrupt assistant district attorney vernon fields to provide sal maroni with sulfuric acid to disfigure dent with. Once an upstanding gotham citydistrict attorney, harvey dent was hideously scarred on the left side of his face after a mob bossthrew acidic chemicals at him during a court trial. During the issue, it is revealed that dent s change is due to him being mind controlled by hugo strange, and dent is freed from the professor s influence at the end. Eventually, batman and robin recapture two-face, and is later grateful to bruce as he s returned to arkham. His origin story is the same as in the golden age comics, where the district attorney is disfigured when gangster sal maroni throws acid on the left side of his face during a trial. Both two-face and deadshot are defeated by batman, firestorm, and plastic man. During this plot, the real two-face escapes from firestorm s custody. He is elected about six months before batman takes his role as a masked vigilante. The character only made three appearances in the 1940s, and appeared twice in the 1950s (not counting the impostors mentioned below). In the series finale starcrossed , two-face s coin is seen on display in the batcave. He is reluctant to take the job, but batman assures him it would serve as atonement for his past crimes. [67] he first appears in the season one episode harvey dent in which he is portrayed as the assistant district attorney of gotham city. Just click ctrl + d to save the top paid porn sites list. Tommy lee jones portrays harvey dent/two-face in the 1995 film batman forever, replacing billy dee williams from batman. Neither two-face nor dent are aware of the judge s existence within their shared mind. Gordon is tricked into shooting dent s daughter, as she has been taped to a chair and disguised as joker. The district attorney first appears in the series premiere on leather wings , where he prepares to prosecute during man-bat s rampage. Batman returns the coin, telling two-face to use it to decide whether to kill him.

In the new 52 reboot, gilda is a socialite whom bruce wayne introduces to harvey at a graduation party. Catwoman: guardian of gotham, model darcy dent has half her face scarred when a rival model hires a hitman to lace her facial cream with acid. Shocked, infuriated and at a loss, two-face brandishes his gun at the man of steel but the weapon is easily dating berlin germany.
. Furthermore, both two-face and batman have to deal with kgbeast. Treacherous police officers working with mob boss sal maroni and the joker kidnap dent and his girlfriend rachel dawes, and hold them prisoner in two abandoned buildings set to explode. Instead, he is now a judge and has a wife and twin children. He disappears after the battle and batman is unable to track him. [31] sloane is revived in the current continuity as a successor two-face, [32] though not replacing dent as done in the earlier earth-two specific storyline. This causes the prop man to switch out the water with actual acid that was to be used for the trial scene. He had a penchant for double entendres, such as quipping to the reader if you think i m small, you should see my silver dollar. They had originally offered two-face the part in the scheme, but his coin landed on the non-scarred side. Zero hour continuity as a criminal called the charlatan in detective comics #777 (february 2003). The sisters coerce dent to become their family s legal retainer for life. Singing with the other villains at arkham asylum. He serves as gotham s district attorney, and takes a stand against vigilantes like batman and katana to help his campaign as mayor. He was subsequently driven insane and adopted the two-face persona, becoming a criminal obsessed with the number two and duality. When poison ivy asked him what happened to it, he told her that they let him keep it. In the episode the strange secret of bruce wayne , two-face has a fierce bidding war with the joker and the penguin regarding batman s secret identity at hugo strange s auction. He manipulates the courts into setting him free, as gotham s prosecutors wouldn t attempt to charge him without a body. Although evidence is later uncovered by batman that exonerates dent for the murders, it is too late to save him. .

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