Two-face appeared in the lost episode of in batman/teenage mutant ninja turtles crossover, two-face is mutated into a mutant baboon as one of the various other arkham inmates by shredder and foot clan to attack batman and robin. Batman drives two crossbow bolts into each side of two-face s head, citing it as one for each face. Dent warns wayne that he will shut down everything wayne owns, including wayne casinos, unless his children are saved. Murray dent – batman: jekyll & hyde reveals that when he was a child, harvey dent had an older brother, murray dent, who died in a fire because his brother was too scared to save him. Dc rebirth[edit] in dc rebirth rebooted universe, batman decides to cure two-face, doing whatever it takes. Dent forges an alliance with police captain james gordon and batman to rid gotham of crime boss sal maroni, [10] and carmine falcone, with the former murdered by the latter s son. After a month of training, they fight firebug and mr. In 2009, two-face was ranked #12 on ign s list of the top 100 comic book villains of all time vampire knight dating simulation . This led gilda to become the serial killer known as holiday, who killed several key members of carmine falcone s criminal empire. Mason s high level of practical abilities earned commissioner gordon s trust, and the two eventually arrest thorne. Two-face appears in batman film where his scarred side has purple hair, a scarred eye, near-exposed skull, and dripping skin. Elsa broke up with jack frost at the beginning of the year. Upon batman s return, dent begins to feel unnecessary and unappreciated, which prompts the return of the two-face persona (seen and heard by dent through hallucinations). Here, two-face was a small plushie-like creature that was a servant of harley quinn. In gotham central, two-face meets detective renee montoya. He serves as gotham s district attorney, and takes a stand against vigilantes like batman and katana to help his campaign as mayor.

Two-face kidnaps gordon and puts him on trial for his activities after gotham city is declared a no man s land , with two-face as both judge and prosecutor for gordon s illegal alliance with him; but gordon plays upon two-face s split psyche to demand harvey dent as his defense attorney. Emperor joker[edit] in the emperor joker storyline, when the joker stole the reality warping power of mister mxyzptlk, he warped reality in his own image. Years later, gilda gives birth to twins, prompting two-face to escape once more and take the twins hostage, as he erroneously believes them to be conceived by janus using an experimental fertility drug. Streets of gotham, two-face has been at odds with gotham s latest district attorney kate spencer, also known as the vigilante manhunter. [16] eventually in the gotham central series, he outs her as a lesbian and frames her for murder, hoping that if he takes everything from her, she will be left with no choice but to be with him. Two-face makes a cameo appearance in the two-face appears in justice league action, voiced by robert picardo. He makes a cameo in mayhem of the music meister. In two-face strikes twice, two-face is at odds with his ex-wife gilda dent, as he believes their marriage failed because he was unable to give her children. One is detective duell, a corrupt officer on the gotham city police department, whose face is scarred in a manner similar to the version of two-face in the mainstream continuity. Which would then set up the originally planned third film starring the riddler, but dent s character was set to receive a substantial rewrite as warner bros. They have a fight against the beast, and eventually get rid of him, however, they were both heavily injured, especially dent. He is seen futilely scratching the door of his cell in arkham asylum. Volume two, jessica discovers that bruce is batman, and they each reciprocate the romantic affection they had for each other since childhood. A lot of attention to details and a bit of something else. Evelyn has three personalities (irrational, practical, and hedonistic). He had clear ties to both batman and commissioner gordon, making him an unsettling and personal foe for both men vampire knight dating simulation .

Zero hour continuity as a criminal called the charlatan in detective comics #777 (february 2003). He is seen in their lair serving as their butler similar to alfred pennyworth. Aaron eckhart portrays harvey two-face dent in the dark sites scams report in phoenix az.
. Several panels of batman and robin #28 imply that two-face commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. Later on, grace is seen crying at a chinese restaurant, calling bruce wayne to tell him that dent saved her life; it is implies that grace still loves him. Duell is arrested at the end of thrillkiller: batgirl and robin. Two-face makes a non-voiced cameo appearance in batman: assault on arkham. Two-face has also proven to be a genius in criminal planning, and has constantly demonstrated a high-level of intelligence in plotting heists as a brilliant and respected mastermind in the criminal underworld. Paul sloane appears in the young justice cartoon series, voiced by kevin michael richardson. And has the mckillen sisters prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison. In the episode a better world , a alternate reality version makes a cameo appearance as a lobotomizedjanitor in the justice lords dimension. He also appears in the mask of matches malone. He decides to kill gordon s son to inflict upon gordon the pain of losing a loved one, but batman arrives and persuades him to judge the three people who pressured the mafia to turn to the joker for assistance: harvey dent, batman and james gordon. [50] chief james gordon locates joker with dent s children in wayne manor, and goes in without any backup. In 1971, writer dennis o neil brought two-face back, and it was then that he became one of batman s arch-enemies. .

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