Even when social justice is not the sole motivating principle, an underlying commonality of purpose is the desire to improve upon and develop deeper insights into one’s practice. Adolescent girls initiative-kenya the adolescent girls initiative-kenya is a randomized, controlled trial that tests combinations of initiatives—in health, violence prevention, wealth creation, and education—to determine which improve girls’ lives most. David shimberg bmc software the ps benchmark’s quantity and quality of data is unparalleled in the industry. I am pleasantly surprised by the depth, breadth, and value of the information in the spi professional services benchmark. The report contains over 100 tables and charts to add insight into ps workforce job roles and pricing trends. Be aware of expectations in your department, college and field of study to be certain the research undertaken is acceptable for progress toward tenure. Further, the concept of “productization,” that is, a repeatable process that yields the same expected results every time has been super huge for us. For example, we were able to gain insights that will help to customize, position, and market our services. As far as the “fuzzier” impacts, the ps maturity model has taught our org to “act its age.   as a result, some researchers are utilizing some combination of the two methods that both offer a quantifiable look and a more holistic picture of a phenomenon. Whether presenting or publishing, having several iterations of a study in different settings offers a means of validating findings validating qualitative research . Relatedly, we’ve taken an iterative approach to service development that we stole from the agile software development paradigm. The report provides an unprecedented view of workforce distribution and composition by industry segment through an analysis of professional services organization structures for management consulting; it consulting; and software and saas.   the goal of quantitative methods is to determine whether the predictive generalizations of a theory hold true validating qualitative research . Collaborative research there are many ways to collaborate and thereby enrich your work as a faculty member.

Practitioner research by its nature offers practitioners a voice in the research conversation. Tirza lowenstyn unit 4 north america i just described spi to someone as my favorite think tank.   they do, however, offer different perspectives on a subject under study. Clients looking for services in our marketing communication vertical strongly desire the same experience of buying an iphone from an apple store as they do from their services vendors. There is no better place to get such a comprehensive overview for the professional services industry. Collaboration may take many forms, including crossing disciplines, types of institutions, or engaging the community outside the campus environment. Qualitative research a study based upon a qualitative process of inquiry has the goal of understanding a social or human problem from multiple perspectives. For example, in some areas of our business we still rely on heroics; however, we’ve identified this and devote time to extracting from our heroes what makes them great and then wrapping training programs around it so all may be lifted up around them. It uses spi’s research-based ps maturity model™ to focus on five service performance pillars – leadership, client relationships, human capital alignment, service execution and finance and operations. This report analyzes professional services (ps) industry spending on sales, marketing and packaging to explore which investments yield the best results.   we have a strong internal focus on continuous process improvement, and the report provides valuable insight and analysis that we leverage to improve our professional services delivery. The cautiously optimistic view also sees us hitting an ebitda goal that will trigger material profit sharing payouts for even entry level employees.   often the biggest challenge is often to get started, so establish research priorities early on, and create a plan to impliment them. Around the globe service providers are re-examining their approaches to the market: looking at the most effective sales, marketing and packaging techniques to determine the optimum investment formula with the greatest payback. Alan waitt asi consulting congratulations on getting out another great report.

Mike alsup gimmal every year we look forward to the ps maturity benchmark report. Psa helps executives and project team members better understand the time and cost to deliver services, and therefore derive a value and return on investment from the work they deliver. Phil golobish digitalrelevance excellent as usual – thanks for sending this through.apps facebook topface dating friendship.
. I recommend this to anyone in the professional services or enterprise software markets. Analysis is provided by vertical, geography and size of organization. Their analysis is chock full of relevant detail that is actionable in our business.   some consider it a bridge of sorts between theory and practice, although practitioners claim a rightful place in the research continuum. Spi continues to produce the only report with as much detail on a massive variety of variables and kpi’s that ps organizations have to look at to hone their businesses. I have found it to be an invaluable resource for all aspects of strategic planning, and am constantly using it as a best-practices / benchmark reference tool as we take our organization from good to great in terms of processes, systems and human capital. Spi research seems remarkable in their ability to stay ahead of the trends that affect ps with insights that are specific to the path we are on. Some of the issues and challenges associated with practitioner research are explored in this section. It analyzes the growing trend toward more off-site consulting delivery and the prevalence of different pricing structures: time and materials, fixed-price and shared risk/performance based.   some of the issues and challenges associated with collaborative research are explored in this section. The quantitative / qualitative debate these two forms of research, in spite of the differences delineated above, have many things in common. .

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